Good Little Wives

What's on Abby Drake's Bucket List?

There's something special about the sisterly bond.  Which is probably why some of the best books have been about sisters. (Think The Opposite Of Me by Sarah Pekkanen and In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner)  In fact, we explored the sister dynamic in our first novel, I'll Have Who She's Having.  So when we came across The Secrets Sisters Keep by Abby Drake, we just knew it was going to be good.  I mean, c'mon- sister and secrets?  What's not to like? The Secrets Sisters Keep follows the four Dalton sisters, who have more than their fair share of secrets.  There's Ellie, the eldest, who tends to their Uncle Edward rather than living out her dreams.  Then there's Amanda, the Park Avenue snob whose husband just left her for a bikini waxer.  Babe's a movie star beauty and Carleen is a middle class mom who quilts cloth pocketbooks for fun!  When their quirky Uncle Edward decided to throw a seventy-fifth birthday party and then wanders off, it leaves the sisters to not only face their past, but one another.  Will these ladies ever be able to confront their long-buried past and be sisters again?

Sound good? (HINT: It is!) Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win your own copy-we have FIVE to give away!  We'll choose the winners on Thursday night after 9pm EST.  Good luck!

Abby Drake is also the author of Good Little Wives and Perfect Little Ladies-we're thrilled that she's sharing her bucket list with us today!  Read on to discover who her famous ancestors are and where she'd love to spend the winter.


1. Become a Grandmother. Boy or girl, one or ten or twenty! I understand I really have no say in this matter, but I would really, really love this! Babies are such wonderful, sweet little beings who hold all sorts of possibilities for love and hope and stories not yet written. Besides, my friends are having all the fun.

2. Go back to Paris; explore England. I guess that should count as two things in my bucket. J I would love to spend delicious time at the Paris museums and at Montmartre; I would also like to adventure down into the famous city sewers. As for England, ah, Oxford is my favorite, but I’m eager to discover the Lake Country and all the places and their people in between. Perhaps you’ve figured out that I’ve watched a lot of reruns of Inspectors Morse and Lewis and All Creatures Great and Small.

3. Get a Master’s degree. I’ve started, stopped, started, stopped, etc. I hate that sometimes life gets in the way of learning!

4. Finally untangle my Mayflower ancestry. Okay, so we have just about everything except the elusive marriage certificate between Isaac and Elizabeth in 1801. We know they had nine kids. Oh, yes, and we still need to address the issue of Orville and Nettie and the bigamy. Hmm. And how did great-great Grandpa get that wooden leg? Imagine the novels – not to mention the reality TV shows – that Mayflower descendants could have conjured.

5. Spend a winter on Martha’s Vineyard. I long to be where the loudest things I hear for months are soft seagull cries and muted buoy bells; where I can spend countless hours in the libraries that are packed with books of island life and lore; where I can walk along deserted beaches and watch a purple sandpiper or two; where a crock of chowder at the “Newes from America” pub will warm me through the night; where I can write. And write. Hey! Maybe my grandchildren will come to visit me!

Thanks Abby! xo, L&L