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Watch this, Not That: Liz's Guilty Pleasures Edition

When it comes to my television watching habits, I tend to have a split personality.  Because there are two versions of Couch potato Liz: The one who's drinking ice water and watching quality TV with her husband and the one who is shoving down handfuls of M&M's while watching that trashy TV we all love to hate. So on this edition of Watch this, Not that, I thought I'd come out of the closet and celebrate my Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  TV watching self.  That I would declare my love for my ridiculous shows so I no longer have to hit the "exit" button when my husband returns unexpectedly to the family room after he swore he was going to bed.   So I don't have to hide my head in shame when my trashy TV is hogging all the memory on our TiVo, causing it to erase the kid's PBS shows.  And lastly, to give all of you other secret bad TV watchers a soft place to fall.

I'll even entice you into telling me your dirty TV watching secrets by giving away two signed copies of Jennifer Ross's delicious debut novel, The Icing on the Cupcake. It's a great story AND has an awesome recipe at the end of each chapter. Just leave a comment to be entered!


SURVIVOR While I'm sure some of you may argue if this should be considered quality TV, you have to admit that Survivor is the grandaddy of all reality TV shows, paving the way for copycats like Joe Millionaire(what ever happened to that guy, anyway?) and Big Brother.  A diehard fan since the first season, Jeff Probst's arrogant, irritating narrative during each challenge, his leading questions during tribal council and that whole The Tribe has spoken thing just never gets old for me.  And with villains like Russell, I think this season's better than ever!

CHUCK I think I've always secretly had a thing for lanky nerd types-at least when it comes to my TV watching preferences. (Why the hell else would I have ever watched The Big Bang Theory?)  And this sweet show about a computer geek who's life is turned upside down when he has a CIA computer downloaded into his brain seems to have finally hit it's stride in it's third season. The best part?  It has enough action (And a smoking hot blonde!) to entice your man to watch it but at the core is just an adorable love story about a guy who's in love with a girl who's completely out of his league.


THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY Sometimes I actually feel my IQ dropping as I take in the antics of my favorite Garden State Housewives. Announcing that watching another minute would makes his eyes bleed, my husband declared this show unwatchable early on in season one.  Typical that a man can't appreciate a good table-flipping or tell-all book!There's something about tough-talking Caroline and the clueless Teresa that makes me both LOL and feel a little nauseous at the same time.  Like I'm just holding my breath and praying that they aren't really like this.  But either way, I know I won't be able to turn the channel when season two begins May 3rd.

90210 I'm the first to admit that the only reason I gave this show a chance was because of my devotion to it's predecessor.  But unlike it's unwatchable updated cousin Melrose Place, the new 90210 had me at Hello. Okay, so maybe it was all the Kelly, Brenda and Donna cameos that got me on board.  But now, in it's second season, those beyotches are gone and I'm still secretly watching every week when I think no one's looking.  And considering the batch of new hotties they brought on last Fall, some(my husband in particular) may suggest that the cougar in me might be the reason I just can't say no to 90210.  But I stand by it's, um, strong story lines and um, impressive abs, um I meant acting.

What do YOU watch when no one's looking?

xoxo, Liz

Are you a Facebook Voyeur? By Liz

facebook I ran into an old friend the other day at Starbucks. (Where else?)  I hadn't seen him in forever and was dying to know if he had stuck it out with his latest girlfriend or went back to serial dating. (Three words: Majuh. Commitment. Phobe.) But before I could get my scoop, he started asking about my very recent trip to Hawaii and my daughters's first day of school.


Um, is this guy stalking me or something?  I mean, I was rockin' my new do'... but although it was short and sassy, it wasn't exactly stalker-worthy!

I was perplexed. But then, as he began to pellet me with questions about resorts, booze cruises and luaus, it came to me.

He was a Facebook voyeur! A social network Peeping Tom!

Now, let me just say for the record, that some of my favorite people are FB voyeurs.  They spend just as much time perusing status updates and profiles as you and I, they just don't feel the need to participate. Like me, you might even forget they are even ON Facebook until they reveal themselves the next time you see them by asking you about the caffeine or your Bachelorette addiction.  That's when you know you've got a Lookey Loo on you hands.

Fascinated by these Facebook rebels, I rang up some of my friends who fall in this category.  I just had to know why they won't even list what year they were born or give some of my sassy statuses a thumbs up. (It's just ONE click! Help a sista out here!)  I needed to see why all their wall posts go unanswered and all their fan page invitations are declined. Um, especially THIS ONE!

So now I'm ready to break it down for you.  To tell you why your second cousin never poked you back or why you'll never see pictures of their kids until you finally suck it up and attend that family reunion next summer.


Always on the run, the multi-tasker prefers to get their "booking" done via iPhone or Blackberry.  She really does want to know what you are making for dinner or how your son's soccer practice went, but actually commenting on it is a whole other story.  Basically this is the social network version of It's not you, it's me".


The High-Brower finally buckled under all the peer pressure and joined FB but wants you to know she's still too good for it.  That's why you'll never hear about her tropical vacation or find out whether she's planning on watching the new Melrose Place.  And the fact that she's traded Hemingway for Yoville?   She's planning on keeping it her dirty little secret.


Unlike attention whores like myself, she's content with keeping her networks, political views and Farmville scores a secret. But I find myself  wondering which five cities she's lived in and what her Saved By The Bell quiz results were. (Lisa Turtle, in case you were wondering...) And btw, this is also the same person who has 25 friends because she only wants to "friend" people she's actually "friends" with. Um, I didn't even know that was an option. What a concept!


Why are you on Facebook if you are trying to HIDE? I can understand an occasional block of a crazy ex-boyfriend or that over-zealous PTA mom, but to lurk around in cyberspace while no one can see you is creepy.  And was high school so bad you won't even put your graduating year?  Come on! Even I got over my huge hair and penchant for spandex pants. Show yourself already!

Xoxo, Liz