Ask Liz & Lisa: Which Came First, The Blog or the Book?

Our inbox has been fillin' up with tons of questions from y'all. THANK YOU! (Our email address is This week, we selected a question from Erin who will be winning a copy of Uncharted TerriTori by Tori Spelling! And if YOU leave a comment today, YOU'LL be entered to win a copy of The Baby Planner by Josie Brown. We'll select the winner after 6pm EST on Thursday, May 5th.

Now here's Erin's question...

Dear Liz and Lisa,

Your blog is a must read for me...though since I started following you I have this INSANE list of must-read books I fear I will never conquer! Q: what came first? this blog or your first book? how did this blog come about?

Well, Erin, first of all- you will conquer the TBR list, don't worry! (If it makes you feel any better- you should see our bookshelves!)  And unlike the whole chicken and the egg thing, your question has a very simple answer.

Our first book.

Because wayyy back when we first decided to write a novel, there were no such things as blogs because that little thing called the internet didn't even exist yet.

Yup, we're officially old.

We were still wearing boxy sorority t-shirts and high-waisted jeans (not the chic kind- the reall, really bad mom-jeans kind). And thinking about keg parties and midterm exams.

And even though we talked about writing a novel, seeing that actual book come to life was many a year in the making. It was like one of those projects that you keep putting off. And off and off. Until suddenly it's been ten years.

Yup, it took us a decade to start writing.

And finally, one of us- in this case- Lisa- said so eloquently, either we sh*t or get off the pot! And the concept of I'll Have Who She's Having was born. Although it was originally called Single Minded and had some characters that later hit the cutting room floor including a hilarious Brit named Mack.

And after we finished our labor of love, it was Liz who said we should create a website and blog.  And we won't even get into the part about how Liz had to explain to Lisa what a blog was! Oy vey! But alas, Chick Lit Is Not Dead was born. (Check out our inaugural post here. Let's just say we've come a long way!)

And two years later, another book later (The D Word- exciting announcement coming soon!) we haven't looked back! It's been more fun than we could have imagined as we've flown by the seat of our pants with really no plan other than to provide good, solid (and hopefully funny) content. And all of y'all who support us have made this all worth it. We couldn't do it without you! *cue sappy soundtrack* maybe something like That's What Friends Are For by Dionne Warwick- and we'll try not to think about her horrible diva behavior on Celebrity Apprentice as we listen!


Liz & Lisa