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How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag: 5 Things Liz & Lisa Didn’t Know About Kathryn Eisman

Have you ever wondered what your handbag says about you? Did you know that the kind of purse you carry is directly linked to your personality (or "purse-onality" as bestselling author Kathryn Eisman calls it)? Maybe your bag of choice pegs you as a drama queen, self-indulgent or a people pleaser. Well, Kathryn can tell you with frightening accuracy what kind of person you are based solely on the purse you throw over your shoulder, clutch in your hand or lug into the office every morning. She's written the incredibly fun and very insightful  How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag. (She's also the author of How To Tell A Man By His Shoes. We could probably all learn a lot from this one too, ladies!)

And you know we were dying to know what our purses revealed about us. So we emailed Kathryn a picture of each of our handbags, but did not tell her which purse was Liz's and which was Lisa's. Let's just say the results were dead-on! (remember that "frightening accuracy" remark above?)

Black Bag:

This person is unpretentious and hard working. They have a slightly rebellious nature and don't like to be told what to do (nor do they need to be because they are so very capable). Even though they come across as very strong, they are very sensitive and live in their head. The stay away from competitive women because they are already so hard on themselves that anyone one else adding more pressure on them would just be a pain in the backside.

They can be very tough on themselves and should give themselves a few more pats on the back. They like to feel empowered and like an 'equal' in a relationship- but it's very important that they let a man look after them from time to time. As I say in the book, "asking for help is a fundamental part of being self sufficient".

The Louis Vuitton Bag:

They are essentially a romantic and even a little idealistic. Some may call them a 'dreamer' but they've actually got their head firmly screwed on. She likes to take charge and is not a wall flower by any stretch of the imagination. She loves to have a good time and their greatest fear is living an ordinary life (by this they mean emotionally neutral and without the highs and lows of life). They are a very loyal friend and have high expectations of others from friendship (because they give a lot of themselves, they also demand a lot of their closest friends).

Playful and up for a laugh...sometimes life has offered them the odd 'reality check' and while it's a lot to take for someone like this...ultimately they know that all good and bad things are good...because through them is emotional growth (something they are passionate about). This girl looks like she's playing by the rules, but makes them up along the way.

And here's what she said we have in common: Both are go-getters and are more practical than they realize. They are both multitaskers- although the black has slightly more on her plate of late. They are warm and friendly, but both of them are the type of people that get better the more you know them. They seem very open, but in truth they don't share everything with the world, and are essentially quite private (although they may never admit this).

And today, we have FIVE COPIES of How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag to give away! Just leave a comment here and you'll be entered to win. And we'll randomly select the winners this Thursday! Good luck!


1)      I FREAK PEOPLE OUT WHEN I DO “HANDBAG READINGS”. I have the uncanny ability to read someone’s personality (or as I say Purse-onality)  just by looking at the handbag they’re carrying. Whenever people hear about the title of my book, they immediately ask for a “bag reading”. Now, some 4,000 readings later, I can honestly say that I’ve never been wrong. I’ve done it in business meetings, on dates, at dinner parties and on live TV (like NBC’s TODAY Show). Each time- people quietly freak out because I can see things like; where they went to school, what they’re like in a relationship, if they were an only child, and what their greatest passions are. Often, I freak myself out with how accurate they are!

2)      I’M AN AUSSIE- I moved to New York at the age of 21 on a whim and never went home. I actually grew up on the beautiful beaches in Sydney, Australia and visit home over the holiday season to escape the northern hemisphere winter when Sydney it at its blue skied and crystal water best. I am now based in West Hollywood, CA and absolutely adore living here. But at the end of the day I’ve got a very self deprecating Australian sense of humor, which basically means I’m constantly making fun of myself!

3)      I’M AN “ANCHOR WOMAN” BY TRADE- I was the on-air features reporter for NBC in New York for nearly four years and had my own daily entertainment show in Australia. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing everyone from President Clinton to Sarah Jessica Parker, George Clooney to Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Cameron Diaz to Daniel Craig. The best part of being a reporter is visiting other people’s lives and discovering what makes them tick, and what obstacles they’ve had to overcome. That access has helped me better understand people in general and has really helped me research my books.

4)      I STARTED OUT IN A BIKINI- I started modeling in Australia at 17 years of age and was constantly booked on swimsuit and lingerie jobs. I always had a bikini in my bag to run off to castings between classes. It was a fun and crazy time because there I was walking down a catwalk at Fashion Week in designer bra and panties, when I hadn’t even been see in that level of undress by my own mother! You learn to sort of disconnect from your body in order to protect yourself. Now I am a “big sister” and the ambassador for SISTER2sister, a charity that mentors at risk teenage girls. It’s really important for me to make sure teenage girls have someone they can talk to, because I remember the feeling of being trapped somewhere between being a girl and a woman.

5)       I’M ON A MISSION- I believe people reveal themselves in details. We’re not the grand declarations of who we say we are, we’re certainly not what we tell the men in our lives- we‘re the little details that we don’t think anyone will notice;  our  bags and shoes, the way we hold ourselves, how we answer the phone. My mission is to help other women break these unspoken codes and see the world through a fresh perspective.

5 1/2) I AM OBSESSED WITH MY MAINE COON KITTEN- I recently adopted Samson from a shelter but before I met him I was NOT a cat person at all! Now I spend way too much time snuggling with him, instead of writing my next book. He sits and snoozes all day on my lap (and sometimes on my head) and at night he's a little devil - but it's love. He grows bigger everyday and will probably be over 20 pounds of pure mischief when he's fully grown...I can't wait!

To get your own handbag reading, check out Kathryn's website! And to order a copy of How To Tell A Woman By Her Handbag, click here.


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25 things Liz & Lisa want to know about Jennifer Weiner

jw-author-photo We are ecstatic that Jennifer Weiner has agreed to share her innermost secrets here at Chick Lit Is Not Dead.  Well, maybe not her innermost secrets, but we were thrilled to discover little nuggets about her. And it turns out, we share a love for the same television shows and all appreciate the word "douchebag"!  We love this woman! In fact, GOOD IN BED is one of Liz's all-time favorite books, and Lisa has read THE GUY NOT TAKEN more times than she can count.

Jennifer is the author of many fabulous Chick Lit novels including her much-anticipated new book, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, available in just a couple weeks! We can tell from the title alone that we are going to LOVE it! Gee, we wonder why?

After her debut novel GOOD IN BED (2001); came IN HER SHOES (2002) which was turned into a major motion picture starring Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine; then LITTLE EARTHQUAKES (2004); GOODNIGHT NOBODY (2005); the short story collection THE GUY NOT TAKEN (2006); and CERTAIN GIRLS (2008), the sequel to GOOD IN BED. And because of all her awesomeness, there are more than 11 million copies of her books in print in 36 countries. Kind of makes us want to learn another language...

So give us a drum roll please...CHICK LIT IS NOT DEAD PRESENTS: 25 things Liz & Lisa want to know about Jennifer Weiner!

1.  Inside my purse, you'll discover: My glasses, cinnamon gum, a stray pacifier for the baby.

2.  My secret talent is: nothing I’d want to see in print!

3.  If stranded on an island, the five things I could not live without are: Prescription sunglasses, Blackberry, Carmex lip balm, my Kindle (yes, I know it’s going to kill publishing, but can’t live without it), my Kindle power cord and…wait, is there power on this island?

4.  On my nightstand you'll find: About a dozen books I’m either reading or re-reading; my Kindle, a framed picture of my older daughter (she’s six) from her first birthday.

5.  When I grew up, I wanted to be: A writer! How ‘bout that?

6.  My worst job: When I was sixteen, I worked at a really fancy (well, for suburban Connecticut it was really fancy) restaurant. My job was to walk through the tables with a wicker basket over my arm, offering diners fresh-baked biscuits and raspberry jam. I was the biscuit girl.

7.  My comfort food: Shortbread cookies, chocolate-chip cookies, linzer tarts, garlic-lemon roast chicken with mashed potatoes…and biscuits. Yes, I still love biscuits!

8.  The location where I write: Neighborhood coffee shops and cafes, my closet when I’m home

9.  Three songs on my IPOD's most played list: “You Found Me” by The Fray, “Wore Me Down” by Rachael Yamagata, the “Glee” version of “Don’t Stop Believin’”

10. If I was on the cover of US Weekly, my headline would read: “Jen’s Secret Heartache?” (If I were on the cover of Us Weekly, I can only assume it would be because someone confused me with Jennifer Aniston. In which case the headline could very well be “Jen Lets Herself Go.”)

11. The three books that make me think of my childhood:A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Little Women, Blubber

12. My favorite Chick Flick: “Working Girl.” Has Harrison Ford ever been hotter? I could watch it every day.

13. My favorite Chick Lit book: An oldie but a goodie: SHEILA LEVINE IS DEAD AND LIVING IN NEW YORK

14. My "must see" TV: How much time have you got? Lost, Grey’s, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Top Chef, Project Runway, How I Met Your Mother and How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria

15. My Starbucks order: Calm tea in the winter, venti iced decaf with room for milk in the summer (and isn’t “Room for Milk” a great potential book title?)

16. My favorite curse word: Douchebag

17. My celebrity man crush: Alan Rickman. Shutup

18. My celebrity girl crush: Sarah Silverman

19. My writer crush: Tom Perrotta

20. My last meal before execution: Clearly, I would demand to be taken to an all-you-can-eat buffet…and then I’d just say, “Sorry, not done yet.” They’d never be able to kill me!

21. Three words to summarize my book: Great big heart

22. It took me _____  to write my book. Unspeakable quantities of dark chocolate and baked goods

23. My book's original title: It was always BFF!

24. Right now, I'm working on: Packing up the girls for our jaunt to Cape Cod

25. Chick Lit is alive & kicking because: women never get tired of reading about funny, familiar, relatable characters trying to make sense of their lives.

We can't wait to read BEST FRIENDS FOREVER, available on July 14th! Click here to pre-order your copy.  And to find out even more about the divine Jennifer Weiner, head on over to


Liz & Lisa

Team Blonde or Team Brunette? By Lisa

fergiebrunette2 I have a girl crush on Fergie. The post-blonde Fergie, that is.

The *brunette* Fergie.

Fergie wasn't even a blip on my girl crush radar when she was blonde (except when I'd see a picture of her in US Weekly, on the arm of her tall drink of man water, Josh Duhamel).

Before I continue, let us take a Josh Duhamel moment. Ahhhhhhhh.

So I suppose I haven't payed much attention to the blonde Fergie because if I'm going to kiss a girl, I'd prefer she be a brunette one.

The "new" and if I may, "improved" Fergie caught my eye on the A.I. finale. As she was dancing and singing with The Black Eyed Peas to "Boom Boom Pow", I began to see her in a new way. What was it? Why was I so drawn to her performance? I mean, the song was catchy, but I was NOT looking at!

Then it hit me.

It was the hair. She was brunette-a-licious! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

I immediately texted Matt who texted back, "Who?" (Guess he's into blondes :) )

Then I had a radical thought.

Maybe I'd switch teams and dye my hair brown too!

And it wouldn't be the first time...

Ok, so I'm going to lose a little bit of my blonde cred with all my blondie homies out there, but it's time to admit that I did cross over--once.

I dyed my hair brown. And I liked it.

I felt sexier. Edgier. Good different.

Back then, I was pretty daring with my 'dos. I had stripes, (yes, stripes--AT Liz's wedding) I had The Rachel, (which unfortunately looked a lot more like The Carol Brady) and The Gwyneth.  But my personal favorite was The Rocky. I bleached my hair white, cut it as short as Brigitte Nielsen in Rocky IV and spent all my time with a friend with even shorter hair.  Needless to say, most people thought we were a really cute lesbian couple! (Note to self: probably not a good way to meet men! Or women who look like Fergie!)

So, after I "went brown", I felt like "the evil twin", "the bad girl" and "the mysterious stranger" all wrapped up into one!  There was something about the new color that made me feel daring- and gave me 'tude. I went out to clubs! I wore red lipstick! I even bought black leather pants! (Even when I had stripes in my hair, my wildest outfit was  mom jeans and a half-top. So this was big for me!)

And now, more years than I want to admit later...after playing it safe with my long, blonde hair, (with the exception of a few daring moments when I "cut layers"-ooooh!)... I thought I was ready to take another walk on the dark side.

And it was time to tell someone my plan!

In hindsight, I guess it shouldn't have been one of my blonde friends. And this particular blondie *who shall remain nameless * (but you know who you are!!! ), gasped in horror at my idea! (Talk about a buzz kill...)

BLONDE NAMELESS FRIEND: No way! You're a blonde and you will remain true to your *cough* roots!

ME: But...lots of blondes do it. Jessica Simpson. Cameron Diaz. Nicole Richie...

BLONDE NAMELESS FRIEND: And are any of them still brunette?

ME: Point taken. Ugh.

My dreams of channeling my inner Fergie deflated, I went home and looked in the mirror.  Going brown would be fun for a couple of weeks, but the process of getting back to blonde would f***ing suck.  I wasn't going to look as good in black (the only color I own!) and would I really have as much fun? (I'm over 35 now, I can't afford to take chances!)

So in the end, I decided NOT to dye (Special shout out to nameless blonde friend-- I hope you're f***ing happy!)

Because at the end of the day, you can take the blonde out of the girl, but you can't take the girl out of the blonde.