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5 Things You Didn't Know About...Liz & Lisa

Are you REAAAADDDDYYYY? Ready for our week of SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION?  Get your puke bags out because we'll be all up in your grill this week, putting the shoe on the other foot and participating in the same features usually reserved for your favorite authors (but now we'll hopefully be in that group, right?). We're starting off with 5 Things You Didn't Know About...(remember that one?)

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We're pretty much an open book. Ask us anything and we'll tell you. Maybe even sometimes we're TMI. So we're wondering... is there really anything you don't know about us? I guess we'll find out...


1.  We were both black diamond skiers in college. There was a time when we could've made even Picabo Street proud. We'd head up weekly to Big Bear or Tahoe or Mountain High (anyone remember Mountain High?) to ski with abandon. We had balls o'steel as we cascaded down runs with names like "the ledge" and sometimes, don't tell anyone this, we might have even had a shot of something that started with gold and ended with schlagger (WTH were we thinking?) before taking off. But you know how it goes, after college we got busy and married and had kids. And now we're not even sure we'd recognize a ski if we saw one. And don't people wear helmets now? Gawd, that would've been nice back then!

2. We both married tall dudes from the same small, obscure town in Middle America I know.  It kind of freaks us out too.  But at least we get each other's jokes when we're talking shit about our last visit there.














3. We're both huge Barry Manilow fans. Yep, we're Fanilows.  We've been to see him several times together in concert, although someone (Lisa!) almost got us kicked out of one when she started screaming I LOVE YOU BARRY at the top of her lungs in between each song. We've also met him, although we have to say he wasn't the friendliest as he signed our Copacabana 8-tracks. But we got over it and know that "Somewhere Down The Road" we'll see him again and he'll love us.  Right?

4. We were the roomies that never were. Besties through high school until we weren't. Who knows what happened. Someone talked smack about someone else. Someone told someone else's secret (um, maybe it was Lisa). All we know is that one of us was on the phone to the college cancelling our request to be roommates. Then like all BFF's do, we made up. And when we called the college to reinstate our request to live together, we were DE-NIED. And Lisa ended up rooming with someone who sold CutCo Cutlery from under her bunk bed and refused to pay her $11 phone bill. Guess all's well that ends well. There was no way we could've shared a hot plate for a year without killing each other!


5.  We co-owned a "celebrity" cat We once randomly adopted a pet cat from Petco that ended up winning the elite Santa Monica Cat show.  His name was Ed and he became our unofficial sorority mascot, entertaining frat boys with his back flips and ability to walk on two legs. Once he disappeared for several days only to reappear during a party where everyone screamed, ED!!! (He always knew how to make an entrance) He was the toast of the town and even did some cat modeling on the side. But we were too young and naive to understand that maybe we should get paid for it? *Meow*

xoxo, L&L