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Diary of a Debut: What's in a name?

pregnant-woman-with-bookMany people liken the publishing process of a debut novel to having a baby.  They've even coined a term: Book Pregnant. And we totally get it. Even though we haven't been puking each morning and craving crabs during our book pregnancy, there is a feeling of treading into uncharted territory with something you love and have poured your heart and soul into. (Although Liz is praying she doesn't gain 70lbs with this pregnancy...) We've been lovingly caressing the manuscript through the editing process and are anxiously awaiting the cover reveal.  So when our team at Atria felt that the title The Toast should be, well TOAST, it was time to go back to the drawing board.

To be honest, it wasn't a total surprise.  We had sent the manuscript to a freelance editor( the wonderful Emily Heckman, in case you need one), and she loved the book, but wasn't too keen on the title.  So we changed it before sending it on to Atria.  And then our editor at Atria loved the book, but didn't love the new title we had picked out. So we changed it back to The Toast, but we knew its days might be numbered.

So when we got word that it was time to pick a new title, we already had a list we had come up while sipping sake and eating spicy tuna rolls. (We do our best work that way!)

But no one really loved those ones either. (Did we mention that we suck at coming up with titles? Even while sipping sake?)

It was our fab agent, Elisabeth, that came up with a title that everyone loved.   (Thank GAWD she's good at it! #savedourasses)

So The Toast became Your Perfect Life.  Which is totally fine, because now we don't have to worry anymore about having two champagne glasses clinking on the cover. #soooocliche

And for a minute it felt odd, because our baby had a new name. But only for a minute--then we were seriously IN LOVE with our new title.  And we hope you are too.

Tell us what you think!  We have a SIGNED copy of Amy Hatvany's Heart Like Mine. (It's GREAT, btw!)  Leave a comment and you'll be entered to win.  We'll choose the winners on Monday, May 27th after 8am PST.


BIG book deal news & BIG giveaway

Are y'all sitting down? We've got news.  BIG news. Our manuscript, The Toast, sold to Greer Hendricks at Atria Books! *jumps up and down and pees pants a little bit*

We signed with the fabulous Elisabeth Weed of Weed Literary last week (she reps a ton of our fave authors!) and received the a-mazing news that our book sold just days later.  In fact, our heads are still spinning as we write this because we've been girl crushin' like crazy on both Greer and Elisabeth for years!  Needless to say, we are excited, thankful and scared shitless all the same time. (To put it in perspective, all we can manage to say to each other all day is some combination of OMG, holy sh*t and WTF?)

The Toast will hit bookshelves in early 2014.  It's about two childhood best friends who wake up the morning after their 20th high school reunion to discover they've switched bodies and ultimately realize that sometimes it takes living someone else's life to appreciate your own. (And just in case you were wondering, it's NOT autobiographical!)

Ok, so get prepared y'all because we're about to get our sap on.

Thank you.  Yes, you. Each and every one of you who are reading this post.  It's because of your sassy comments, your kind words and your support-- not only of us but of Chick Lit Is Not Dead--that we are here today.  Whenever we got really down, all we had to do was pop over here and see how much y'all still LOVED reading good books written by women.  And it was that love that helped us keep our chins up all this time.

So, to show you how much we appreciate your awesomeness, (and because we are complete giveaway WHORES), we are giving away not one, but two HUGEASS STACKS OF BOOKS.  See for yourself. They're not just big, they're HUGEASS.  You know the drill: leave a comment and we'll enter you to win. We'll choose the winners on Sunday, October 7th after 6pm PST.

Now we're off to do the only thing you can do when you sell your first book: GO TO LAS VEGAS! We'll be the ones drinking champagne at the blackjack tables and, well, everywhere, sucking in our stomachs at the pool cabana and hanging out with Carrot Top. (Long Story!)

xoxo, L&L




Liz & Lisa's 5 Things I'd Tell My Teen Me with SWEET VALLEY HIGH giveaway!

We are LOVING the teen me feature.  Maybe it's because we met in high school. Or maybe it's because there's so much we WISH we had known back then.(Like to just say no to MC Hammer pants...) Liz is feeling especially reminiscent lately, having just moved back to her hometown last week-one mile away from Lisa's dad and a handful of houses away from her own mom!So when got the chance to do a super cool giveaway with one of our teen faves, Sweet Valley High, we figured it was finally time to give our teen selves some serious advice. If you leave a comment, you'll be entered to win one of FIVE copies of the ENTIRE series of Sweet Valley Confidential-a new six part e-series! We'll choose the winners on Sunday, August 5th, after 6pm PST.

Here's the scoop on SVH:From Francine Pascal, creator of the bestselling SWEET VALLEY HIGH series and author of the NY Times bestselling SWEET VALLEY CONFIDENTIAL, comes the continuing adventures of beautiful blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield in an exciting new six-part e-serial, THE SWEET LIFE.The first novella-length episode – THE SWEET LIFE #1 – begins three years after the events of Sweet Valley Confidential; Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are back in Sweet Valley and inseparable once more. Things are looking up for both twins: Elizabeth is a star reporter at the LA Tribune with a popular blog, and Jessica’s PR career is on the fast-track. But while the professional lives of the Wakefield sisters are secure, their personal lives may be in jeopardy. Jessica, now a mother, finds that managing parenthood, marriage, and a job is harder than she expected, while Elizabeth and Bruce must face a scandal that could strengthen their bond…or tear them apart for ever.Meanwhile, life goes on in Sweet Valley. Families are made, hearts are broken, and…Lila Fowler is a reality TV star? Some things never change.Sound good?  Then don't forget to leave a comment for your chance to win!  We'd love to hear what advice you'd give YOUR teen self!




1. Like yourself and others will follow suit. This is a tough one. But something I wish someone had told my shoulder-pad wearing self-it would have saved me YEARS of angst. Admittedly, I still hate myself sometimes(last night I told my husband that my arms looked like those huge slabs of meat that hang at the butcher shop), but at least I'm self-aware of it now, so that's progress, right?

2. Forgive often. Trust me on this one.  Holding onto that anger will only make things worse-there's a freedom in letting go of the past and moving forward that can bring true happiness.  P.S. don't forget to forgive YOURSELF often too-we all make mistakes, girlfrin'.  Time to move on!

3. Be nice to your Mother. Gawd, I was a horrible bitch to my poor mom.  Thankfully, I got the chance to make it right later in life.  But, time is precious and you never know if you'll have that luxury, so tell your Mom TODAY how much you love her, even if she did embarrass the shit out of you last week at the mall.  That woman shoved your big, fat head out of her va-jay-jay, so show some respect!

4. Pluck your eyebrows. Please. Why the HELL did no one mention this to me until I was TWENTY-TWO years old?  I'm ITALIAN for God's sake. It was BAD. (the picture above is photographic evidence.)

5. Stop trying to grow up so fast. Seriously, it's not all that it's cracked up to be.  Take time to be a kid-wear those Mickey Mouse ears at Disneyland and have pillow fights with your girlfriends.  There will be plenty of time to have grown-up issues. Until then, have fun going to the mall, making  s'mores and eating whatever the hell you want without gaining a pound!


1. Journal the hell out of this time in your life. At the very least, it will be good fodder later- especially when you decide you want to write novels. (Yes, it happens!)

2. Don't get that spiral perm. Don't use Sun-In. Don't use a crimping iron. Your hair is beautiful as it is- au natural. Trust me, you'll spend thousands of dollars later trying to get it to look just like it does right now.

3. Don't wear high-waisted shorts or jeans. Ask for help in purchasing a decent bra when your boobs grow from an "A" to a "D" in one summer (Yes, it happens!). Burn all of your boxy t-shirts. If for no other reason, do these things so your husband doesn't get the chance to find the pictures during a move and mercilessly make fun of you for months-years even.

4. Date, date, date. (Did I mention date?) WAIT until you get married to have that long long-term relationship. Before then, have all the fun you can dating different people. Have many relationships. Figure out who you are and what type of man you're most compatible with. Although you're going to fall in love- a lot- which is a good thing if you ask me, you don't want to fall in love and stay with that person for a long time. You won't end up marrying him. Trust me.

5. Learn to spend time alone (to be okay being alone). Somewhere along the way, I figured out that it's nice to be able to see a movie by yourself, have lunch by yourself, hang at home by yourself. Being comfortable being with just you. And this might not make much sense to you now, but  it will serve you well later to not need someone else to fill up that space, but rather to find people to compliment it.

xoxo, L&L


Mommy Monday: Maui Wowie by Liz & Lisa

It's been a crazy year. And we're not gonna lie, we've been feeling a bit burnt out.  So what do we do when we can't type another word?

We head to Maui. Together.

But before you get too jealous, we should probably mention that we were outnumbered by children on this trip.  Because nothing says relaxation like having 4 kids and a baby on a five-hour flight and in close quarters for seven days.

So how did we find a way to get our aloha on?  Read on to find out....

Thank Gawd for iPads

We may have been traveling with five children under the age of seven, but the flight was- dare we say... peaceful?! Thanks to, count 'em four iPads and three iTouches. Thank you, Steve Jobs, and the brilliant people of Apple for this invention. And yes, even the baby played Angry Birds. Lisa officially sold her soul to the devil in exchange for five minutes of uninterrupted time reading about Nick Lachey's wedding.

Pool Seat Wars

There's nothing like going on vacation only to set your alarm to get up at the crack o' freakin' dawn so you can, what else? Get pool chairs! Because as much as we loved our resort, there were only two chairs with umbrellas that overlooked the kids' pool. So each morning, one of us dragged our tired ass body to the pool with all of our crap pool toys (side note: if this whole writing thing doesn't work out, we can become sherpas!) to claim our spot that we wouldn't return to for, um, a while. (Er, sorry to the folks who had to move our stuff. Liz and Lisa+no shade=burnt unhappy campers.)

The love affairs

For Liz it was a middle-aged concierge with a bright smile and a serious gift of gab. For Lisa it was a far too young, boy-toyish paddle surfing instructor who bragged about how much money he made but made up for it by exposing his amazing set of abs. But hey, the pickins were slim at our resort so we were excited to get our flirt on with some decent looking men. Or for one of us, a boy.

Hi, I'm Julie McCoy, and I'll be your cruise director.

We should've given Liz a clipboard, a perm and a really short pair of shorts because the second we landed in Maui, she became our cruise director. Our really anal, really controlling cruise director. The upside? She and her boyfriend, the concierge, set us up with a lot of really great activities like surf lessons and reservations at Maui's finest restaurants. The downside? Let's just say only our time spent in the bathroom wasn't choreographed. Things got a bit tense when Lisa, in a moment of desperation, had to put the kabosh on the Luau. Where was Issac and a round of cocktails when we needed him?

Liz the lobster

Maybe it was the fact that she thought she had to be on her A-game because she was our cruise director, but Liz barely even glanced at a cocktail until the last day. And then, well, let's just say she had a LOT of fun. But she forgot to put on sunscreen. Oops. Liz+vodka pogs+forgetting sunscreen= drunken lobster. But a really, really fun drunken lobster that let us all stay at the beach an hour longer than scheduled!

Liz's hidden talent

Lisa's six-month-old daughter was awesome. She slept poolside, beachside and just about everywhere we needed her to crash out. So we had to deal with poopy diapers in all kinds of places. And Lisa is still somewhat of a rookie when it comes to all of this. So when there was only one wipe left, (in a serious situation that required a lot more than one wipe!) Liz took that wipe smugly and said, you have no idea the things I can accomplish with just one of these. Twenty seconds later, one clean booty and one highly impressed BFF!

The Booze Cruise

Desperate for some alone adult time, a sunset and some "free" drinks, we set sail on a sunset cruise (a.k.a. booze cruise). Things we learned:

1. There's a fun game to be played called "Is she his daughter or his girlfriend?"

2. Even when it's drowning in a sh*t load of pineapple juice, Smirnoff is not and will never be a proper substitute for Grey Goose.

3. We're the only selfish parents who didn't bring our kids!?

4. After a few really bad well drinks, everyone on the cruise seemed to morph into a character from an 80's sitcom. (We thought we rubbed elbows with Eric Estrada "The Ponch" and Michael Keaton- not that Michael Keaton. We're talking that dude from Family Ties!)

Nanny 911

Of course we love our kids. And, yes, we know we already went on a booze cruise without them. But let's just say after six days and the reality hitting that we were about to go home, one of the adults-who shall remain nameless- begged for another nanny service our last night in Maui. And we have to say it was worth every penny of the million dollar price tag (um, why didn't we become nannies in Maui again?) to be able to sit at a restaurant table for longer than two minutes without someone asking for a freakin' SMOOTHIE!

Tell us about your summer vacays and be entered to win a copy of one of our favorite beach reads of the summer, The First Husband by Laura Dave. We'll randomly select the winner after 6pm PST on Sunday, August 14th!

Aloha!  xoxo, L&L



Ask Liz & Lisa: Have we ever had a girlfight?

Ask Liz & Lisa is baaaack! Thanks so much for all of  the great Q's you've sent so far. It's been hard to choose just one to answer! Be sure keep 'em comin'! Ask us anything! (Don't be shy- you know how much we love to TMI with you!) Email your Q to and if we pick your question, we'll send you a fabulous book! And today we picked a question from Wendy. Because we chose her Q, she'll be receiving a copy of She's Gone Country by Jane Porter.  Feeling left out? Well you can leave a comment on this post and you'll be entered to win a copy of Ten Beach Road by Wendy Wax. We'll randomly select the winner after 6pm PST on Friday, June 24.

My question - and I am not sure if this has been asked before... I know you guys have been friends, like.. forever. But... even best friends fight, right? So, have you ever or do you have times when you are not talking to each other? Have you had a difficult time in your friendship. Or has it all seriously been roses?

~Wendy @ wall-to-wall books

Roses. Hmm. Not so much. Yes, we've been friends for evuh and evuh. Since Milli Vanilli and Tiffany were topping the charts. Since Ice Ice Baby was a cool song (well since we thought it was a cool song). And when you've been friends with someone for that long, you're bound to go through your ups and downs. And when you are BFFs, business partners and writing partners, there's almost no avoiding the occasional conflict. Very recently, there were "words" over the word, synopsis. More on that in a minute.

But we will say that for us, it's not the fact that we have conflict that matters. It's how we deal with it. And let's just say that process has evolved over the years.

The Bent thumb

In college, there was an argument over, gawd only knows what (a thumb war gone awry?), but someone's thumb got bent back and someone else charged out of the house and hid out in a movie theater all day watching The Fugitive.  And by some sort of weird foreshadowing, someone wrote a humorous story (complete with pictures!) and taped it on someone's door as a peace offering.

The one-act play

While co-writing a one-act play for our theater class, we had a huge fight. We have no idea what the fight was over but it  involved lots of expletives being thrown at each other and ended with something being actually thrown at Liz's state of the art word processor. (Yes, you read that right-word processor- we are that old!)

The separation

We'd gone to high school together, we'd gone to college together. We were Vice-President and President of our sorority together. Let's just say we'd been a little too close for a little too long. And we felt we'd merged into one person. Liz and Lisa, Lisa and Liz. Sometimes people just called both of us Lisa. So we agreed on the fact that we needed space. And we separated. And we did our own thing for a while. And when we eventually came back together, our friendship was stronger for it.

The door slam heard round' the world

Someone was postpartum and someone had just been dumped and we thought it would be a FABULOUS time to write the query for our first book, I'll Have Who She's Having! Now let's just that writing a query is a painful process even when the rest of your life is perfect. So imagine writing it when things are, well, not so perfect. We don't remember what started it (are you  starting to see a pattern here?), but all of the sudden someone stomped out of the house and SLAMMED the door with all her might, waking up someone's husband and baby. Don't worry, we worked it out and eventually finished that damn letter.

The word synopsis

Very recently, we disagreed about the word synopsis. One of us likes the word, one of us doesn't.  One of us insists on using it in just about EVERY post and one of us thinks it's impersonal.  Then one of us thought that the best way to communicate her problem was to EMAIL the other about it. (I think you can see where this is going...)  Cue four tense emails, a ten minute girlfight over the word synopsis followed by ten minutes of laughing about how freakin' LAME it was to be arguing about it.

So no, it isn't all roses.  But the difference for us is that we are able to let things go.  And it also helps to know the other person better than you know yourself.  But the most important thing to remember is to just take a deep breath and LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF at the silly things that seem so important in the heat of the moment.

xoxo, L&L

What's on Liz & Lisa's Bucket List?

We're still jumping up and down Oprah audience member style over your overwhelming support of the publication of our second novel, The D Word and the re-release of our debut book, I'll Have Who She's Having . Thank you! Warning: Shameless self promotion coming in 5, 4, 3, 2...1

And...don't forget about  The D Word HUGE ASS giveaway!

Here's how the contest will work-It's simple!
  • Buy The D Word (only 2.99!) and email us the receipt at to receive an entry to the contest. There is no limit on the number of entries. Every copy of The D Word purchased= one entry.

All receipts must be received by TUESDAY JUNE 21st at MIDNIGHT PST and this contest open to US/Canada only.

We also have ONE more way you can win a great prize:

If you post a review of EITHER The D Word or I'll Have Who She's Having on GoodReadsBarnes & Noble or Amazon and send us the link to the review to by July 14, 2011 at midnight PST, you'll be entered to win a DXG 720p high-defintion camera. You can receive one entry for the review of each book for a maximum of two entries.  Doesn't matter if you've loved or absolutely hated the book(although we're crossing our fingers you like it...), you'll still be entered to win!  We'll choose the winner by random drawing. US/Canada Only.

So we just have to say that we're loving participating in our own features (and hope you are too!?) like Tuesday's 5 Things You didn't know...yesterday's 5 Do's and a Do-Over and today's Bucket List.

ON THAT NOTE: We may be attached at the hip (even while living 2,000 miles apart). We may also have many of the same likes- Macbooks, hot men under twenty-five (Roar!) and getting our gamble on in Vegas, to name a few. And we've obviously known each other a very, very long time (to put it in perspective, parachute pants were a wardrobe staple when we met). But we happen to have very different lists of what we'd like to accomplish before, um, it's all said and done.


Liz's Bucket List

1. Start a charitable foundation. I don't know about you, but I always feel so helpless when I read stories about people that need help.  Especially if has anything to do with kids or animals(cue waterworks!).  My brother works with the amazing human rights agency  IJM, that that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression.  So I have this secret dream of coming up with a large sum of money(But I thought I'd look like an ass if I put "winning the lottery" on this list) and poach him from IJM to start my foundation.  What would my foundation do, you ask?  I haven't got that far yet.  But I know that I'd be able to pick up the phone and *really* help next time I'm watching the nightly news.

2. Become a foster parent. Okay, so let me just say up front that I have no business putting this on my bucket list.  Between my two kids, two dogs, full-time job and my writing, I barely have time to breathe most days, let alone take on another child.  But there's something in me that REALLY wants to.  Like a heart-hurting, lump-in-throat-inducing reaction whenever I read something about fostering or talk to others who have.  So we'll see.  Oh, it would probably help if the hubs was on board with it too, right?  For now, I'm working on asking him if we can foster an animal.  Baby steps, people.

3. Be a contestant on The Amazing Race. Even though I turn into a complete bitch when I'm hot, hungry or tired, I'm dying to be on this show.  So when Lisa told me HELL TO THE NO when I asked her to be my partner, I decided to take the next best thing-her husband.  We applied in February with a very poor Flip video that featured an introduction from *someone* that was postpartum and VERY cranky. (Lisa!)  So we'll try it again with a new video and cross our fingers.  Although I think Lisa and my husband may be crossing our fingers that we won't!

Lisa's Bucket List

1. Own a beach house. There's something about the ocean, the waves, the sand (okay, maybe not the sand so much) that centers me. That clears my head and makes me feel like I can do anything. So someday, whether it be in Maui, Manhattan Beach (or even both!), I will own a home that overlooks the ocean. Even if it's a little shack amidst mansions, I'll take it.

2. Travel around the world. As cliche as it may be, it's definitely on my list to travel, travel, travel. I'm lucky that my passport has already been stamped numerous times. But there are still so many countries I want to see (China, Germany, Greece- to name a few). I love to to experience different ways of life, the foods (oh how I love the food- and drink!) and the history. There's something about being far from home that excites me. In my dream scenario, I'd be able to pack up and travel for months on end before heading back to reality.

3. Sit courtside at the Lakers. I want to be Jack Nicholson. I want to sit courtside at every Lakers game. yes, we're talking courtside season tickets. I want to overhear Leo Dicaprio's conversation and high five with Justin Timberlake. Kobe Bryant can drip his sweat on me. Pau Gasol can throw a ball in my face. Derek Fisher can fall on me. I'll take it all! I'm a huge Lakers fan and can think of nothing better than being that close to the action!


Liz & Lisa


5 Things You Didn't Know About...Liz & Lisa

Are you REAAAADDDDYYYY? Ready for our week of SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION?  Get your puke bags out because we'll be all up in your grill this week, putting the shoe on the other foot and participating in the same features usually reserved for your favorite authors (but now we'll hopefully be in that group, right?). We're starting off with 5 Things You Didn't Know About...(remember that one?)

But first we wanted to remind you about The D Word HUGE ASS giveaway!  Here are the deets in case you missed them:

Here's how the contest will work-It's simple!
  • Buy The D Word(only 2.99!) and email us the receipt at to receive an entry to the contest. There is no limit on the number of entries. Every copy of The D Word purchased= one entry.

All receipts must be received by TUESDAY JUNE 21st at MIDNIGHT PST and this contest open to US/Canada only.

Click HERE to see what you could win! (iPad2, anyone?)

We also have ONE more way you can win:
If you post a review of EITHER The D Word or I'll Have Who She's Having on GoodReadsBarnes & Noble or Amazon and send us the link to the review to by July 14, 2011 at midnight PST, you'll be entered to win a DXG 720p high-defintion camera. You can receive one entry for the review of each book for a maximum of two entries.  Doesn't matter if you've loved or absolutely hated the book(although we're crossing our fingers you like it...), you'll still be entered to win!  We'll choose the winner by random drawing. US/Canada Only.
We're pretty much an open book. Ask us anything and we'll tell you. Maybe even sometimes we're TMI. So we're wondering... is there really anything you don't know about us? I guess we'll find out...


1.  We were both black diamond skiers in college. There was a time when we could've made even Picabo Street proud. We'd head up weekly to Big Bear or Tahoe or Mountain High (anyone remember Mountain High?) to ski with abandon. We had balls o'steel as we cascaded down runs with names like "the ledge" and sometimes, don't tell anyone this, we might have even had a shot of something that started with gold and ended with schlagger (WTH were we thinking?) before taking off. But you know how it goes, after college we got busy and married and had kids. And now we're not even sure we'd recognize a ski if we saw one. And don't people wear helmets now? Gawd, that would've been nice back then!

2. We both married tall dudes from the same small, obscure town in Middle America I know.  It kind of freaks us out too.  But at least we get each other's jokes when we're talking shit about our last visit there.














3. We're both huge Barry Manilow fans. Yep, we're Fanilows.  We've been to see him several times together in concert, although someone (Lisa!) almost got us kicked out of one when she started screaming I LOVE YOU BARRY at the top of her lungs in between each song. We've also met him, although we have to say he wasn't the friendliest as he signed our Copacabana 8-tracks. But we got over it and know that "Somewhere Down The Road" we'll see him again and he'll love us.  Right?

4. We were the roomies that never were. Besties through high school until we weren't. Who knows what happened. Someone talked smack about someone else. Someone told someone else's secret (um, maybe it was Lisa). All we know is that one of us was on the phone to the college cancelling our request to be roommates. Then like all BFF's do, we made up. And when we called the college to reinstate our request to live together, we were DE-NIED. And Lisa ended up rooming with someone who sold CutCo Cutlery from under her bunk bed and refused to pay her $11 phone bill. Guess all's well that ends well. There was no way we could've shared a hot plate for a year without killing each other!


5.  We co-owned a "celebrity" cat We once randomly adopted a pet cat from Petco that ended up winning the elite Santa Monica Cat show.  His name was Ed and he became our unofficial sorority mascot, entertaining frat boys with his back flips and ability to walk on two legs. Once he disappeared for several days only to reappear during a party where everyone screamed, ED!!! (He always knew how to make an entrance) He was the toast of the town and even did some cat modeling on the side. But we were too young and naive to understand that maybe we should get paid for it? *Meow*

xoxo, L&L




The D Word HUGE ASS Giveaway

Yep, you read that right-it's time to announce the details of The D Word HUGE ASS giveaway.  We're so freakin' excited that our launch is almost here! We'll be going global tomorrow, but as some of you already know, The D Word and the relaunch version of I'll Have Who She's Having are already up on many of your favorite eBook sites.  But more on that in a minute.  Right now, we know you want to know what's included in the HUGE ASS giveaway!

We did a poll recently on our Facebook page and discovered that although many of you have eReaders, some of you still haven't gotten around to getting one.  So we thought it would be fitting to give you chance to win something to read The D Word and I'll Have Who She's Having with.  And not just an eReader, but an IPAD2. And that's just the beginning!

Here's how the contest will work-It's simple!

  • Buy The D Word(only 2.99!) and email us the receipt at to receive an entry to the contest. There is no limit on the number of entries. Every copy of The D Word purchased= one entry. (Hint: it's very easy to gift it to others on Amazon-all you need is their email address!)

That's it!  So now that you know how easy it is to enter, would you like to know what you could win?

1.  iPad2 (with wifi, 16 GB)  w/sassy zebra cover! (iPad valued at $499)

No eReader?  No problem!  Now you can read The D Word on your sassy new Ipad2.  And when you're done, you can Facetime with your hubs, get a triple word score on Scrabble or have your way with those Angry Birds!  And hey, don't forget to swing by here once in a while.


2. DXG high-defintion camcorder(valued at $299)

Need to capture that special moment? The DXG-A80V is one of the top of the line products in DXG’s new Pro Gear line.  With impressive features such as 1080p HD video capture, 12X optical zoom, a 10 megapixel still camera and touch screen controls on a 3-inch LCD display!  You'll have some serious Mommy cred if you show up with this at the next dance recital.

3. Makeup and Skincare basket from 2nd Street Beauty(valued at $250)

There's nothing we love more than trying new makeup!  You'll love this beauty basket filled with tons of goodies from your favorite brands. Located in Southern California, 2nd Street Beauty is THE place to get the latest and greatest beauty products.  Check out their Facebook page.

4. Oakley Sunglasses ($120 value) Holbrook Style, Matte Black

How cool will you be this summer cruising on the beach with your brand spankin' new sunglasses? Enjoy these awesome shades from Oakley that will keep you cool when things heat up.


5. Set of 50 flat cards with envelopes from Creative Blu ($100 value)

Enjoy 5o beautiful cards with envelopes in a gorgeous stationary box from Creative Blu.  They are our one stop shop for all invites, stationary, bookmarks and MORE!  They've also been featured on on My Fair Wedding with David Tutera and did a FABU job on Liz's ten year vow renewal invites.  Seriously, you can't go wrong with anything from Creative Blu!

6. SIGNED set of Laura Dave's books

Laura Dave is one of our all-time fave authors and we were thrilled that she loved THE D WORD! Now you can have a signed copy of each of her three FABULOUS books- London is the Best City in AmericaThe Divorce Party AND her latest release, The First Husband and see for yourself why we're on pins and needles waiting for her next one.

All receipts must be received by TUESDAY JUNE 21st at MIDNIGHT PST and this contest open to US/Canada only.

Are you guys excited yet?! Because we also have ONE more way you can win.

If you post a review of EITHER The D Word or I'll Have Who She's Having on GoodReadsBarnes & Noble or Amazon and send us the link to the review to by July 14, 2011 at midnight PST, you'll be entered to win a DXG 720p high-defintion camera. You can receive one entry for the review of each book for a maximum of two entries.  Doesn't matter if you've loved or absolutely hated the book(although we're crossing our fingers you like it...), you'll still be entered to win!  We'll choose the winner by random drawing. US/Canada Only.

WHEW!  Now let's talk about how you can get your hands on these books and enter to win these fab prizes!

1. Have an eReader or iPad already? GREAT!  Find The D Word and I'll Have Who She's Having at Amazon, Barnes & NobleiBooks and Smashwords.

2. Don't have an eReader but want to read it? No problem!  Just download Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac and you can download to your computer is less than a minute.   Have an iPad but want to use your Amazon or B&N account?  Then download the Nook or Kindle apps to your iPad and get reading!  You could even download it to your iPhone OR iTouch via iBooks!  Have a Android phone?  Then download Kindle for Android and read it on your phone or tablet!

Thanks so much for all your support these past few weeks as we frantically try to get ready to launch The D Word.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to swing by here and support the site.  We hope you enjoy The D Word and look forward to hearing from all of you!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for being so incredibly awesome.  It means the world to us!

xoxo, L&L


Announcing...THE D WORD!

We've got big news, y'all.  Crazy, super, HUGE news. Our second novel, The D Word, is going to be released as an eBook on Tuesday, June 14th. *jumps up and down and screams Oprah audience style*  And it's going to launch for only 2.99! (Less than a gallon of gas!) And we're still reeling from the fact that some majuh authors have read it and LOVED it! More on that in a minute...

And it gets even better-we are also going to re-release our first novel,  I'll Have Who She's Having as an eBook with a brand spankin' new cover. (And it's RAD, if we do say do ourselves...) The best part?  The introductory price will be .99! Seriously, you can hardly get your daily Starbucks shot of vanilla for that!

For less than $4 you will be able to buy BOTH of our books! And don't fret, they're going to available in ALL of the eBook formats from Apple to Kindle, so no matter what reader or computer you have-you will be able to download them.

Now, of course, y'all know we're going to have some KICK ASS giveaways to go along with our upcoming launch. (hint, hint: think iPad, a DXG camera, and more!) There will be more info about the giveaways as we get closer to our pub date.  But it's safe to say the giveaway whore in you is going to be very, very happy.

So without further adieu, we present to you The D Word by Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke....

Jordan Daniels and Elle Ryan thought their lives would become less complicated when they walked away from their respective relationships one year ago. But instead, they find themselves vying for a relationship with the same divorced man.

As a spiritual counselor, newly single mother Jordan Daniels makes her living predicting other people's futures. If only she could foresee her own. A year after filing for divorce from her husband, Kevin, he seems to be the one moving on effortlessly, while Jordan still can't bring herself to fill his old underwear drawer. But it's not until Jordan's polar opposite, Elle steals Kevin's heart, that Jordan becomes convinced she'll be replaced both as a wife and a mother to her five-year-old son, Max.

When Elle met Kevin, the last thing she wanted was another relationship. Especially not with a man with baggage-she already had enough of her own. She left her fiancé, Chase right before their wedding to avoid the imminent D word, something she's convinced runs in her family like a disease. But a year later, she's no closer to becoming less skeptical about marriage. And despite her attachment to Kevin and his son, when Elle sees just how far Jordan's willing to go to win Kevin back, Elle starts to question if she should have left Chase in the first place.

In The D Word you'll walk in the shoes of Jordan and Elle as they discover that sometimes you're not that different from the person who makes you feel the most insecure.

Here's what some of your favorite authors have to say about it:

"Sassy, smart and highly enjoyable, The D Word delivers with Jordan and Elle--endearing and relatable women-in-transition--who you'll be rooting for all the way to their brand new versions of happily ever after!"  -Laura Dave, author of LONDON IS THE BEST CITY IN AMERICA, THE DIVORCE PARTY and THE FIRST HUSBAND

"A thoughtful, witty examination of divorce and the rocky terrain of its complicated and often murky emotional aftermath." -Amy Hatvany, author of BEST KEPT SECRET

“Reading The D Word is like hanging out with two wonderfully flawed friends who make you laugh even when it seems their worlds are falling apart. Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke have captured these women at a crossroads as they struggle to find love, happiness and fulfillment. You’ll laugh, cry, and at times, want to slap some sense into them. But mostly you’ll root for Elle and Jordan because you know them. They’re just like you.” – Irene Zutell, author of PIECES OF HAPPILY EVER AFTER

A special thank you to Laura, Amy and Irene for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedules to read our book. It means more to us than we could ever express! xoxo + an extra xo!

Okay, so are you ready to see the new cover for I'll Have Who She's Having?  It's such a fun book, perfect for any time you need a solid LOL.  We hope you heart the new cover as much as we do!

Kate's been depressed ever since yet another long-term boyfriend unceremoniously dumped her. When her younger and married sister Kelly convinces her the way to meet a quality man is for the two of them to sign up for a volleyball class, she's just desperate enough to agree. But Kate becomes so fixated on their coach that she fails to see an unlikely but perfect match right in front of her.

Kelly's been less than happy for longer than she wants to admit. She's the one who appears to have it all: the perfect husband, the big house and the beautiful daughter. Despite it all, she feels an emptiness she can't explain and is conflicted when it's her volleyball coach who offers an answer.

I'll Have Who She's Having follows Kate and Kelly as they battle themselves and each other in their search for a happy ending. Through a series of hardships and self-doubt, they both realize they were looking for happiness in the wrong places. It s a novel for anyone who ever secretly let their insecurities get the best of them.

So there you have it.  We are so excited for next month and hope that y'all will follow on on this crazy eBook journey we're about to embark on.  One thing we promise-it's going to be a fun ride with lots of fun content and great giveaways.  Don't miss out! Stay tuned for details on the Ipad giveaway in a few weeks....

A very special thank you to Suni Danielle of Suni Danielle Photography for creating our uh-maze-ing covers. You rock, girlfrin'!

Oh, and don't forget to leave a comment and tell us what you think!

xoxo, L&L

I'm a (book) swinger By Lisa

stack_of_books2 My name is Lisa Steinke and I'm a swinger. A "book" swinger, that is...

I'm ready to face the cold, hard reality that I no longer believe in book monogamy.

I just can't seem to commit to just one novel anymore. I can no longer live in denial as the Jenga-like stack of reads on my nightstand stares me down each night...Each book calling out to me that it should be the one I choose.

I've got saucy books-- Lisa, pick me I have really.. big... WORDS.

Needy books--Lisaaaaa, you haven't held me since last Tuesday....!!!

Arrogant books--Lisa, I'm on the New York Times Best Seller List-- as if this is really a hard decision for you.

But the book I'm going to crawl into bed with is completely dependent upon what kind of mood I'm in. I might need a little romance one night. But the next, I might need a hardback...if you know what I'm sayin' *wink* *wink*

So, that's why I'm currently reading several, er, ten different books.

Yup, I'm seeing ten books at the same time.

But it wasn't always this bad...Really, it wasn't.

In the beginning, it was two, maybe three tops. But before I knew it, I was in double digits...

And now I'm a full-blown book whore.

I read around. I do. I can't help it. I want to be with them all... I'll be in bed with one but I'll be distracted, thinking about the other. It's not that I don't LOVE book "X", it's just that book "Y" is new, exciting, different...

And my whoreyness has never been more evident than while I've been trying to pack for my trip to Maui this week. I haven't been facing the usual packing dilemmas like how many pairs of espadrilles to bring, how many sundresses are absolutely critical or if I really do need aviators and Jacki O's. My true struggle has been deciding which lucky books get to travel with me to a romantic and relaxing vacation in Aloha land.

My instinct is to grab four or five so I can have options, but realistically, I'll probably only read two or three because I plan to be doing *cough* other things with my very human lover.

And although this space issue is a problem a Kindle could easily solve, I just don't think I could whore out with Kindle the way I do with my books. Call me old school, but I'm a gal who needs a little foreplay...who loves to hold and caress her book, to bury her nose deep within its pages and inhale that glorious new book smell. I just don't think I could go all gadgety even if it came down to not having the room for another pair of wedges or needing to forgo that lime green Banana Republic sun hat, even if it was an impulse buy...

So you'd think that knowing I have this problem... Knowing that I'm already juggling ten different stories from ten different books (just keeping all the names straight is a full-time job), that I'd stop adding to my fictional and nonfictional harem. If only it were that simple. If only I had the will power to avoid that place called Barnes & Noble.

I imagine asking a book whore to stay away from Barnes & Noble is like trying to convince an alcoholic to stay away from the bar. Aint .gonna. happen.

So, I pull into the parking lot and tell myself that I am allowed to go inside but I'm not allowed to buy anything. Not even a bookmark. I'll just see what new books are out. No harm in that, right? Just because I'm on a diet doesn't mean I can't look at the menu...

But once I'm inside and all the books are surrounding me-- New fiction, Best Sellers, Recommended Reading, Bargain Bin (actually, I never stop there--even I have limits...)-- I can't help myself.

And before I know it, I'm picking up a book and reading the back cover. Then, the first page.

That's not cheating, right? Books A, B, C, D and E will never have to know. But then...

I. want. it.

I. must. have. it.

I. am. going. to. buy. it.

And as I walk out of the store with my green, plastic bag (I know, I know... I need to go canvas) I vow that I will NOT read the new guy. I'll take him home, put him on my shelf and only after I finish the other books will I even dare crack him open.

But that's never what happens.

I get home and somehow he ends up on my nightstand, staring at me. Begging me to open him. Taunting me with his promises of new and different protagonists and exciting plot twists.

Until finally, I cave.

And that's exactly what happened after my most recent "browsing" excursion to B&N. Even though I obviously had plenty of books to take with me to Kaanapali, I couldn't resist the urge to see what else was out there.

And as I exited with Laura Dave’s, London is the Best City in America (hey, I didn’t have it in paperback & after devouring The Divorce Party, I decided I have a total writer crush on her!), Cathy Yardley’s, Turning Japanese (it sounds so fun!), Alison Pace’s, City Dog (one of the narrators of the book is the dog-- how clever is that?!) and *throat clear* Candy Spelling's, Candyland (c'mon, who isn’t curious about that mansion?), I tried not to feel guilty for being unfaithful to the books faithfully waiting for me at home.

So which books made it into my brand spankin' new Tory Burch beach bag?

A true book whore never reads and tells...

Although please let me know if you come across any books that could help with my disorder. Anything along the lines of…

Book Whores Are People Too!

Don’t Turn That Page! An Addicts Guide To Faithfully Reading


Confessions of a Book Swinger: How One Just Wasn’t Enough...

xoxo, Lisa


As some of you may have heard, my oldest brother was in a terrible car accident late Thursday night.  So this blog is coming to you live from the Twin Cities hospital ICU. The good news is that things seem to be looking up and I am very thankful for all your kind thoughts and prayers. Now before you start thinking it's in bad taste to be blogging and Facebooking while my brother is fighting for this life, this is just how I deal.  I come from a long line of emotionally unavailable women(aka living robots) that use humor inappropriately in time of crisis.  And quite frankly, the doctor just wrote us all some Xany and I need to get this blog written before it kicks in!  Even a robot like me could use a little prescription help to get through this.

When the frantic call from my mom came in early Friday morning, I rushed to get ready for the four-hour drive to the Central Coast.  After throwing some mismatched clothes in my overnight bag, (You should see the outfit I'm wearing! horrible! Lucky for me the people in Paso Robles think a fanny pack is fashion forward.)I immediately went to my bookshelf. 

Knowing I would be spending the next several days at his bedside, I was very thoughtful in my book selections.  Not just for myself, but for my family too.  When you go into these situations, you really want to bring something to the table, to feel like you are helping in any small way.  And even if I can't be emotionally sensitive, at least I can provide proper reading material! 


For my sister-in-law:

1. My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler

Obviously, my first thought was comfort for my brother's wife.  What does one read to be distracted from the fact that your husband has a thousand tubes coming out of him? I decided Chelsea's graphic book about her vagina adventures while in her twenties was just the ticket. Also, each chapter stands alone as a short story, making it easy for my sister-in-law to feel like she was accomplishing something each time she finished one.  And I like to think that this small milestone will make her Type A overacheiving-self feel a little bit of control in a situation she has no control over.

For my Mom

2.  One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell

My mom's book choice was bit tougher.  This woman never sits down and spends so much time on her cell phone that I'm surprised it hasn't melded to her ear.  So finding a book that will hold her attention is quite the challenge. I thought this story about the tenants in an upscale building in New York City might just be able to do it. And if she ever gets off the phone I'm going to ask her to take a look at it. 

For the BFF

3. I'll Have Who Have She's Having by Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Of course I brought this too!  What better way to force people to read your book than when they are trapped in a barren ICU waiting room for days at a time?  The funniest part of this is that the BFF is a 50 something guy who picked up our book in desperation last night.  The even funnier part is that he couldn't put it down and keeps peppering me with questions about Kate and Kelly!  But, hey, a fan is a fan.  I'm not picky!

For the beautiful sister(um, that's me, in case you were wondering):

4.  Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer

Although I'm not afraid to admit that Bella and Edward bug the shit out of me sometimes, their werewolf versus vampire teenage angst can really take your mind off what's really going on!  For me, I like my crisis fiction to be as far away from my real life as possible.  Cuz that's how I roll! 

And anything is better than the copy of Arthritis Today on the table that keeps calling my name!


betsys_usual_dirty_martiniI guess you could say my "signature cocktail" is a slightly dirty Grey Goose martini with extra olives. Made right, it can make you swoon with delight as you savor the taste of the perfect blend of vodka and olive juice in your mouth. So, at a party over the weekend I thought to myself, "What better to pair with my favorite drink than my favorite conversation topic--Facebook?" I've obviously made no secret that I'm a total Facebook whore who's now made a hobby out of collecting friends. My latest offense was just yesterday when I was sent a friend request by someone I'd never met and with whom I had no mutual friends. An automatic "ignore" for most, but not for me. Instead of rejecting this prospective friend, I made an inquiry. Had this man from South Africa meant to friend me? It turns out, he hadn't. He was looking for another person with the same name.

You might be thinking, "Yeah, right, like there's another Lisa Steinke out there that he meant to friend?  Please. This guy probably just wanted to get in your pants!" (Well at least that's what my boyfriend would say!) Well, it turns out that there is in fact another Lisa Steinke out there. She lives in the Midwest and I happen to already be friends with her. A few weeks ago, I thought it would be funny to friend someone of the same name. Since it's always about the status report, I could see it in my mind...Lisa Steinke is now friends with Lisa Steinke.

Well apparently the other Lisa Steinke liked the idea because she swiftly accepted me and even beat me to the punch with her own status report. I was curious now that I knew we shared a name and a sense of humor. Did we have more in common? I went to her page to find out. I discovered that she belonged to a group called, "You Know You're In The Steinke Family When..."

Oh, how exciting, I thought. I wonder if other Steinke families are like mine.

But after reading the first point, "You can't leave a family reunion without hugging and kissing everyone twice", I laughed. It wasn't an LOL situation like many of you are so fond of. It was more of an outward chuckle--more of a COL, if you will. In MY Steinke family, we're lucky if we even smile at each other when we accidentally pass on the street! And we certainly would never have a,*cough*, family reunion.

But I really digress.... So, back to the man in South Africa. Even after discovering he wasn't intending to friend me, I friended him anyway. Afterall, I didn't have any friends on that continent yet.

And these are the stories I was thinking of as the conversation at the party inevitably turned to Facebook. There was an article in last week's Time Magazine about how the boomers are all over Facebook. Damn right! Although not a boomer myself, I'm certainly no spring chicken. I'm rounding the corner to 36 so of course I'm going to defend the "older" folk who want to be part of a social network. There's plenty of room for everyone- even you Mom- I'm waiting!

So, when a 49-year-old woman began to tell me a story about Facebook, my ears perked up. I took a sip of my glorious martini and gave her my undivided attention.  She explained that recently some of her high school classmates had found her. She didn't understand why, after thirty years, they now wanted to see what she was "up to"... In fact, she wrote each of them a note that said if they were REALLY interested in forming a connection with her, they could call her on the phone. What a novel concept.

I was surprised to hear that 3 out of the 4 classmates did in fact call. I stood there in shock and took a bite out of my olive. I certainly wouldn't have called had I been one of those classmates and I told this woman as much. I said, "I have to be honest, that although I respect your position, I feel the complete opposite. I enjoy getting notes from former classmates and people I haven't seen in two decades... but would NEVER want to hear their voices!"  That would just be taking it entirely too far.

I knew I sounded like an a-hole, but it was the truth. The best part of Facebook is the fact that you can keep up with people without having to write more than a sentence or two on their wall. It doesn't mean I don't give a sh** about them, it just means I give more of a sh** about my own time.

Throughout the night, I heard myself saying to the other partygoers, "I'll be sure to tag you in that photo" and "I'm going to friend you tomorrow!" Sentences I would never have put together before I lost my Facebook virginity three months ago. Sentences that are completely part of my vernacular now.

The day after the party as I was uploading the photos to Facebook, I thought about the woman who told me the stories about her high school classmates. Suddenly, I desperately wanted to be her Facebook friend. Not only because she clearly played hard to get, but because I liked her style. She wasn't going to accept just anyone. If I could get into her exclusive club of friends, I would be cool. So, I sent her a message and told her how nice it was talking with her and getting to know her and I left it at that. (Honestly, I promise you that, a-hole or not, I really did like her and meant what I wrote). A few hours later, that little red notification symbol popped up and, wah lah, a friend request!

The perfect martini coupled with a new Facebook friend.

That, my Facebook and non-Facebook friends, is what I call a successful night.